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Play Playstation Communtiy Challenges And Avail Free PS4 Themes And Avatars



Sony has announced PlayStation Player Celebration Event where you can take part and grab goodies. You just need to sign up with your PSN ID and wait for the promotion to start.

The event starts on February 24, where all the signed up players will be performing a set of ‘community goals’ like earning trophies or playing number of games provided. A player needs to keep playing any single game for around an hour so that it gets counted towards the goal. The Game progress will be visible once the event starts. Every time a player completes a goal they will earn rewards. The reward has exclusive avatars and two different PS4 Themes. Rewards for reaching your goals will come in a form of notification.

Its not just this much you also get to enter in a contest to get more rewards that includes a real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy engraved with your PSN ID, a $100 PlayStation voucher, and codes for a selection of our greatest PS4 games.

You even have to answer some skill-based questions on the event page held on March 17 at 11 AM Pacific Time to win a chance to get exclusive PlayStation kit.

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