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No Plans To Port For Division 2 in Xbox Series X, PS5



Ubisoft has dropped the price of The Division 2’s standard edition while adding new missions and activities. Their Goal is to achieve as many players they can. There is no update for ports on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

Yannick Banchereau, The Division 2’s Associate Creative Director, has informed that the teams prime focus is to just work on what they have and to make it as good as possible, there is no plans to port it to new platforms.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has already confirmed that Xbox Series X is backwards compatible and assures that the list of supported games is huge. Confirmed Backwards compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series X might also mean that the Division 2 run on next PlayStation and Xbox  through BC without requiring a port.

Episode 3 of First season is already added to gameplay and Warlords of New York expansion with number of in-game development.

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