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Big video game sales are going on right now, including the Steam Winter Sale,
PlayStation Holiday Sale, and Xbox Countdown Sale. Between now and
December 30, you can download the horror game Soma for PC, Mac, and
Linux, totally free. While you’re there, GOG probably hopes you’ll check out its
own winter sale, which runs through January 3.

It is a first-person game that takes place in an underwater research lab. Your
job is to avoid being killed by what lurks in the shadows as you learn about
the lab and make your way to safety.

To get your free (and DRM-free) copy, all you need to do is hop over to GOG,
sign in or create an account, and click the “Claim” button. Do that, and you’ll
receive an email saying Soma has been added to your library Easy peasy.

That’s not the only deal GOG has going right now; over 2,000 games are on
sale for up to 90% off. And if you spend just $0.01 during the winter sale,
you’ll receive a free copy of the 1996 strategy game Fantasy General
(regularly $1.50). Spend $15, and you’ll get Everspace (normally $30) for free.

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