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Bethesda releases free update for Doom and Doom 2 for PC and Consoles



It hasn’t been that long since the official re-release of Doom and Doom II by Bethesda on PC and modern consoles, which received criticism for sub-par improvements in the game ports. There was another major controversy when Bethesda temporarily made it mandatory for paying customers to make and login to Bethesda accounts just to be able to play.

Yesterday, Bethesda released a massive update to both the re-releases of Doom and Doom II on PC and modern consoles that has added some useful features to the game. Players can now quick-save in the game and can play the game on 60 FPS across all platforms, a massive jump from previously available 35 fps. Some changes have also been made to the level select screen and a quick weapon selection feature in-game. There is also added support for more niche aspect ratios.

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